Toll rates

Cars, vans, and motorcycles (up to 3,500 kg):
€ 1.45 per time

Trucks and other vehicles (over 3,500 kg):
€ 8.70 per time

  • No extra payment is needed for trailers and caravans.
  • Vehicles with foreign license plates are also required to pay toll.
  • The toll rates change every year.

Please note: 
You have to pay the toll online by yourself. You can do this for each trip or by automatic payment.

Why you have to pay toll

The Dutch government couldn't allocate enough funds for the construction of this road. However, the road was still able to be built because road users will pay toll for each trip, covering a portion of the construction costs. The new connection improves accessibility in the Rotterdam region and boosts the economy. You always have the option to choose an alternative route without tolls.

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