Make it easier with automatic payment

Will you be driving often on the A24/Blankenburg connection? In that case, automatic payment is a good choice.

The benefits of automatic payment:

    • You always pay on time

      When you pay toll trips one at a time, you must always remind yourself to pay on time. With automatic payment, you never pay the toll too late and you won't pay additional fees.

    • No reminders or fines

      With automatic payment, you never pay toll too late. So you will never receive reminders or fines from us for late payment.

    • You have an overview of all your journeys

      If you pay automatically, you can see how often and when you drove on the A24/Blankenburg connection. When you pay toll trips one at a time, you will not have such an overview.

This is how automatic payment works

  • You will sign up with one of the companies that handle automatic toll payment. For example, via an app. You always have the option to use this for free.
  • The provider links your bank account to the license plate number of your vehicle.
  • The company ensures that you pay the toll automatically.

We do not know yet which companies will offer automatic payment. We will announce the companies later on this website. You will also find information on when you can sign up for automatic payment here.

What do you think of automatic payments?

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