About e-TOL

Various public bodies are working together to make paying tolls for the A24/Blankenburg connection possible. e-TOL is the brand. It stands for "electronic toll collection". This means: pay toll without having to stop. 

The parties involved

The following public bodies make it possible to pay toll for the A24/Blankenburg connection. They each play a specific role:

  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Ministerie van Infrastructuur en waterstaat)
    Responsible for toll collection and setting prices, among other things.
  • RDW
    Collects the tolls on the A24/Blankenburg connection.
  • Central Judicial Fine Collection Agency (Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau)
    Collects the one-off toll payments and collects fines.
  • Department of Waterways and Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat)
    Is the road manager and responsible for road design - think of the installation of cameras and traffic signs.
  • Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport)
    Responsible for physical surveillance and enforcement.

Providers of automatic toll payment systems

After the opening of the A24/Blankenburg connection, the companies providing automatic toll payment will also play an important role. These are commercial parties where you can open an account, so that you can pay toll automatically when you drive on the A24/Blankenburg connection. We do not yet know which companies will be participating.


The government wants to apply toll on the new A24/Blankenburg connection (Rotterdam region) from the day it opens. Thanks to toll collection, we can already start building this road. That means less travel time and better accessibility. The Rotterdam region will be easier to reach, including important economic centres such as the port of Rotterdam and Greenport Westland.

Registration via number plate recognition

Cameras above the road record the number plates of passing road traffic. Toll gates, barriers or separate boxes in a car are not necessary: the road user can just keep on driving.

Paying toll

The tolls are paid via automatic payment or by a one-off payment in advance or afterwards. The amount for a toll journey has not yet been determined. For the time being, the amounts are set to € 1.45 for passenger cars, motorcycles and light-duty vehicles and € 8.70 for a single journey for trucks. From 2026 onwards, trucks will pay a heavy goods vehicle road tax (HGV road tax). On roads where they already pay toll, they do not have to pay HGV road tax.

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