This is how you pay toll for the A24/Blankenburg connection

You will have to pay toll for the use of this road. It works like this:

  1. You drive on the A24

    Step 1
    On the new Blankenburg Connection.
  2. We take a picture of your licence plate

    Step 2

    You don't have to stop or slow down.

  3. You arrange payment online

    Step 3

    You can do this quickly and safely on There are 2 ways to pay toll online.

    1. Automatic payment

    The easiest way to pay, is by automatic payment. Register with one of the affiliated companies. These companies automatically arrange your toll payments. This way you never forget to pay the toll on time and you also have insight into all your journeys on the toll road.

    More about automatic payment

    2. Pay online yourself

    You do not use automatic payment? Then remember to pay toll on time. Paying online yourself works like this:

    • Maximum 7 days in advance and 3 days (72 hours) afterwards.
    • On this website via iDEAL or creditcard.
    • You can pay a maximum of 4 trips at once.

Remember to pay the toll yourself

You do not use automatic payment? Then don't forget to pay the toll!

You will not receive a message from us when you have driven on the toll road. You drive anonymously on the road. We only request your details if you are late with payment. In that case, you will receive a payment reminder from us.

Additional fees for a payment reminder after one year

In the first year after the opening of the A24/Blankenburg connection, you don't pay any extra fee for late payment. After that you will have to pay a reminder fee of 8 euros if you receive a payment reminder.

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