EETS Domain Statement Blankenburgverbinding

Below you will find the EETS Domain Statement Blankenburgverbinding. This concerns an informal translation of the EETS gebiedsverklaring Blankenburgverbinding, version 1.0 dated 10 October 2023 (as published in the Dutch Government Gazette, Staatscourant 2023, 27690). Open and download the documents by clicking the links

EETS Domain Statement Blankenburgverbinding- including annexes

EDS Blankenburgverbinding - incl annexes (pdf, 763kb)

EETS Domain Statement Blankenburgverbinding - excluding annexes

EETS Domain Statement Blankenburgverbinding - excl annexes (pdf, 567kb)


Annex I - Model (E)ETS agreement (pdf, 116kb)

Annex II - Model bank guarantee (pdf, 102kb)

Annex III - Testing process accreditation (pdf, 150kb)

Annex IV - Data protection (pdf, 93kb)

Annex V - Intellectual property rights (pdf, 99kb)

Annex VI - Risk management, data management, information security and assurance (pdf, 141kb)

Annex VII - Key Performance Indicators (pdf, 120kb)


The English translation is for reference purposes only, it is not legally binding and no rights can be derived from it. In case of any inconsistency between the formal Dutch EETS-gebiedsverklaring Blankenburgverbinding on the one hand and this indicative translation on the other hand, the formal Dutch version of the EETS Domain Statement shall prevail.

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